Volume Backup Service

Volume Backup Service (VBS)

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Volume Backup Service (VBS) provides online backup for Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks and permits information restoration from backups, offering protection against software and hardware faults and virus attacks.


User Friendly

QCloud’s VBS is an easy to use backup solution as it can be configured easily. In addition, the storage space on backup servers can be easily expanded when required.


You can apply different backup policies as per your requirements. VBS provides a flexible and agile backup policy configuration.

Low Cost

VBS allows you to take a full initial backup which is then followed by regular incremental backups. It significantly reducing the space occupied by backup files.

Safe & Secure

With QCloud VBS, rest assured that your data backup is also protected. Backup data is stored in multiple data centers, ensuring 99.999% data durability.



Permanent incremental backup and restoration significantly reduces the space occupied by backup files and reduces the RTO to minutes.

Automatic Backups

Policies can be easily defined for backing up data online. A backup policy can be easily defined and associated with one or more EVS disks to implement automatic backup.

Simple Process

Backup can start preparing after three steps and in case of restoration, the backup can be restored in two steps.

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