Kubernetes Cluster Service

Kubernetes Cluster Service (KCS)

A high-performance, high-reliability service for enterprises to manage containerized applications.

QCloud Kubernetes Cluster Service is a high-performance, high-reliability service through which enterprises can manage containerized applications. Kubernetes Cluster Service supports native Kubernetes applications and tools, allowing you to easily set up a container runtime environment on the cloud.


Ease of Use

Automatic creation of Kubernetes clusters; one-click rolling update; one-stop deployment and O&M of containerized applications.

High Performance

Kubernetes network built from extensive field experience; auto scaling within seconds; huge performance advantage of bare metal containers over virtual machine containers.

High Availability

High availability on the cluster control plane and across AZs; graceful scale-out and scale-in of containerized applications ensure high service continuity.


Support for native Kubernetes and Docker versions; among the first CNCF-certified Kubernetes service providers; top contributor to the Kubernetes and Docker communities.


Deployment and O&M

One-click creation of Kubernetes clusters; auto deployment, auto O&M, and lifecycle management of containerized apps.

Hgih Availability

High Availability on the cluster control plane and across Availability Zones. Graceful scale-out and scale-in of containerized apps.


Capability of building images from Java, Python, Go, Node.js, and Vert.x code.

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