About QCloud

About QCloud

First International Public Cloud Hosted in Pakistan With Enterprise Grade Products & Services.

Extending the Pakistani-Saudi brotherhood into a partnership for both country’s wellbeing, Deutsche Telekom – Germany (through its Saudi subsidiary Detecon Al Saudia) has launched, Qaumi Cloud (QCloud).

QCloud offers IAAS, SAAS and PAAS on a highly scalable and secure public cloud platform. Our cloud offerings and a rich catalog, backed by guaranteed availability SLA, makes QCloud an attractive offer to the consumers. Also, we have the optimized load balancing racks for Oracle and SAP.

iVolve Technologies is a leading global cloud consulting company specializing in a wide range of cutting-edge technologies. With a focus on OpenStack, Kubernetes, OpenShift, VMware, DevOps, Application Modernization, and both Public and Private Cloud solutions.

iVolve Technologies has expertise in designing, securing, building and managing Cloud services. We are proud to have one of the most skillful cloud engineering and Operations team, who assist customers implement ‘’Cloud-First” strategy. At iVolve, We help you get the most out of the cloud, that includes creating powerful hybrid Services which is going to unravel your business problems.

Looking at the excellent track record of PTCL’s Rated-3 certified data center in the past 6 years, QCloud decided to host its services there.

PTCL Rated-3 certified data centers provide rack hosting service, which is designed to house servers, networking devices & other data center computing equipment, to ensure a cost-effective and compact environment to meet the needs of the enterprise customers.

QCloud key Differentiators

Cost Effective

With many cloud service providers offering public cloud solutions with sky rocketing prices, QCloud ensures that the solutions we offer you are cost effective and is viable for your organization.

Digital Marketplace

Introducing Pakistan’s first and only Digital Marketplace to accelerate Digital Pakistan initiative, which gives the customers the leverage to subscribe to a vast range of third-party products of their choice.

Security and Resilience

With QCloud’s vigorous security, it helps to protect against cyber-attacks such as Malware and denial of service attacks, define and manage access policies, and prevent unauthorized disclosure and modification using encryption and policy driven controls.

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