Bare Metal

Bare Metal

QCloud’s Metal Service (MS) provides dedicated physical servers in single-tenant environments. It provides excellent computing performance and data security for core databases, key application systems, and high-performance computing.

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Benefits of QCloud Bare Metal

High Security and Reliability

QCloud Metal Service allows you to use dedicated computing resources, add servers to VPCs and security groups for network isolation, and integrate related components for server security. Metal Servers can interconnect with dedicated storage to ensure the data security and reliability required by enterprise services.

High Performance

Metal Service has no virtualization overhead, allowing dedicated computing resources for service running. These servers can use high-bandwidth, low-latency storage, and networks on the cloud, meeting the deployment density and performance requirements of critical services such as enterprise databases, big data, containers, HPC, and AI.

Quick Provisioning and Unified O&M

The required Metal Servers can be provisioned within minutes after you submit an order.

Quick Integration of Cloud Services and Solutions

Based on the unified VPC model, cloud services and cloud solutions (such as database, big data, container, HPC, and AI solutions) can be quickly integrated to run on the Metal Servers. This accelerates cloud transformation.

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Types & Specifications

Intel Platinum Series

Intel Silver Series 4208

Intel Silver Series 4214R

Bare Metal Key Features

Additional Security

With a bare metal server, security measures, like full end-to-end encryption or Intel’s Trusted Execution and Open Attestation, can be easily integrated.

Server Provisioning

Launch our bare metal and virtual servers in the same environment.

Efficient Resources

Bare metal cloud offers more cost-effective compute resources when compared to the VM-based model for similar compute capacity in terms of cores, memory, and storage.

100% Dedicated

Direct access to compute resources and hardware-level performance provides control and security.

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Metal Service vs ECS Virtual Instances

QCloud Metal Service has all the features and advantages of a dedicated physical server. Your applications can access the physical CPU and memory without any virtualization overhead. A comparison with having your own bare-metal servers or using ECS virtual instances is given below:

Category Function Metal Service ECS
Provisioning Automatic Provisioning
Compute No performance loss (virtualization overhead)
Exclusive Resources
Storage Local storage
Using an image (free from OS installation)
Network VPC
Communication between physical servers and VMs through a VPC
Management and Control Consistent remote login experience as VMs
Monitoring and auditing of key operations

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