ECS- High Performance 1

ECS – High Performance 1

ECS – High Performance 1 will provide you on-the-fly scalability for your business applications through a simple interface.

QCloud ECS High Performance 1 (HP1) is a cloud service that helps you to deploy highly available, performance optimized and solid secure applications infrastructure resources. With QCloud, you can deploy multiple editions of SAP HANA Database in few minutes with cost-effective and re-sizeable infrastructure capacity. ECS High Performance 1 (HP1) is feasible when the user wants to achieve higher IOPS and provision storage capacity.


Enterprise Level Security

QCloud ECS HP1 is designed to meet the highly intensive security metrics and compliances. ECS HP1 security features protect your compute resources from the most advanced security breaches and threats.

Highly Available

Your business applications are protected against hardware failure through high available design protecting your workload from partial or major failures.

Elastic and Flexible

Choose according to your business needs from a variety of flavors and images ready to be deployed. Make your own scaling rules to ensure that your business has the exact resources as required. Scale up and down, east and west easily and rapidly.

Disaster Recovery

Extend your business continuity across multiple regions inside Pakistan through QCloud ECS HP1 disaster recovery solutions on a redundant infrastructure design.

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Server Management

Set up server groups to organize, administer and manage multiple servers as a single unit. Server Snapshots can be scheduled, which allow a quick restore.


Create your own baseline OS templates for cloud servers, including customized builds, software packages, security programs or other components.

High Availability & Performance

QCloud ECS GP infrastructure is highly optimized, ensuring high performance. ECS GP includes powerful features such as Dedicated load balancing, AutoScaling and built-in redundancy features that improves uptime.

ECS Flavors

Build cloud servers to meet your specific requirements, choose from rich pre-configured options. Our servers are consumed and billed on an hourly basis — no contract required. You can scale up or down as best makes sense for your development, testing or production requirements.

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