Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Transform your business with QCloud Disaster Recovery solution to elevate your user experience to the next level. Achieve you targets with our trained experts today!

In the case of service disruption or corruption of data or accidental deletion, recover your business in a timely and orchestrated manner with QCloud. QCloud offers an enterprise-grade Business-Continuity and Disaster-Recovery solution by adopting multiple industry proven methodologies depending upon customer’s RPO and RTO definitions.

Benefits of Qcloud Disaster Recovery Services

Near-zero Downtime and Data loss

Rapidly recover from outages and ransomware attacks with automated DR failover/failback orchestration.

Offsite Disaster Recovery

QCloud offers offsite Disaster Recovery to bring your services and data online at a remote data center in the event of a disaster situation.

Disaster Recovery for Databases

To achieve enterprise grade RPO/RTO, QCloud provides an option to establish BCDR practice by using application and database built-in replication features.

High Availability

QCloud can design and implement a solution that provides real time redundancy and fail-over of critical services. Adding Site Resiliency to the solution can provide uptime in the case of ISP, power or application failure.

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QCloud Disaster Recovery Services

QCloud offer you many differentiators that meet the standard of the industry. You can choose QCloud for following reasons:

Rapid Restoration

In case of a disaster, services can be quickly restored in the target availability zone with minimal interruption to services.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Easily recover your cloud’s data using QCloud’s Disaster Recovery

Supported platforms

x86 based BareMetal / Physical, VMware and KVM

Recovery Flow

In case of a disaster, you will be able to run a failover immediately

What Is The Importance Of Disaster Recovery?

If your organization’s main focus is on the IT infrastructure, then you should stay aware of the IT disasters because they can cause a lot of damage. Few steps can save you from a disaster and our experts can provide you with complete DR solutions.


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Disaster Recovery Challenges

High Costs

In order to optimize the costs, you need to come up with such disaster recovery solutions that would be helping your organization

Meeting RPO

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) will be providing you with the information of the data, that we can afford to loose during disaster.

Meeting RTO

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the time which is taken by the system to fully restore the applications and allow them to run again.

Plan For DR Maintenance

The plan for the maintenance of DR is a necessity because the ones whose data stay evolving in the system have no idea how to manage it.

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