Elastic IP

Elastic IP

Access your cloud using static public IP addresses and scalable bandwidths

An Elastic IP address is a static, public IPv4 address designed for a dynamic cloud computing. You can associate an Elastic IP address with any instance or network interface for any VPC in your account.


Internet Egress

EIPs serve as egress filters for cloud resources to access the Internet and can be flexibly associated with or disassociated from various resources to meet service requirements.


An EIP can be flexibly associated with or disassociated from an ECS, or any other node/appliance.

Immediate Use

EIP association, disassociation, and bandwidth adjustment takes effect immediately.


EIPs can be dynamically bound and unbound from VPC ECS instances. This, in combination with the ECS snapshot function, provides high service system reliability.


Flexible Billing

EIPs are available on a pay-per-use (bandwidth usage or amount of traffic is billed) and yearly/monthly basis.


You can easily unbind an EIP from a cloud resource and bind it to another cloud resource. This allows you to use the EIP quota to meet changing service requirements.

High Availability

Based on its highly available underlying architecture, this EIP prevents SPOF and supports cross-zone disaster tolerance.

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