Manage Security Service

Manage Security Service

QCloud’s Managed Security Service (MSS) provides dedicated security & monitoring alerts in real-time to avoid threats and strengthen the security of tenant environments.

Cost Effective

Our cost-effective plans can elevate your user experience

Instant Detection

QCloud have certified cyber security experts on board

Elite Cyber Experience

Our instant threat detection can save any data breaches

Security Analytics

Get the complete insight and overview attacks with our security analytics. Detect threats in a faster and more efficient way with QCloud.

Vulnerability Detection

We assure our customers with the best services and complete security of their data. This can help in the detection of any possible vulnerabilities.

File Integrity Monitoring

Each and every change is tracked and is carried with proper authentication of the file. Unauthorised people are unable to do file changes.

Configuration Assessment

At QCloud, we provide complete configuration of assessment which means, you will be notified whenever an open port will be detected.

Regulatory Compliance

You will be provided with regulatory compliance that helps in updating all of the configuration systems and it might also match your needs.

Containers Security

Get complete insights on the stats of the containers with ease. Your containers will be completely secured with our strict security.

Custom Rules

We believe in complete transparency with our clients and their requirements are valued the most. All rules can be customised on our customer’s requirements.

Custom Dashboards

If one is looking to have a personalised dashboard, consider it done. QCloud allows its customers to get their dashboard customised on their demands.

Rapid Incident Response


Nonstop Optimisation

Operational Readiness


Do You Seek Unmatched Security for Yourself?

QCloud has got your back as we can provide you with the top-notch services that can cater to all your needs.


Threats are directly detected at their source, providing complete visibility of the misconfigurations.

Instant Response

We provide instant response towards any kind of breaches and complete monitoring against the threats.

Trusted Partnership

Assuring high-end capabilities that align with your interests via our certified experts, who emphasize delivering quality services.


To reduce the risks to an extent, we partner with the teams of our clients for the correct exposure to attacks and illicit behaviour.

We Help You Detect, Respond & Recover From Cyber Incidents

QCloud Can Take Away Your Hurdles

We have the best teams in QCloud, who emphasize providing top-notch services to our esteem clients. Understand the activity of malware and a better detection of threat with our best-in-class Managed Security Service!


Our Frictionless Security & Compliance


This central component is a flexible and intuitive web interface for mining, analyzing, and visualizing data. It provides out-of-the-box dashboards, allowing you to seamlessly navigate through the user interface.

Endpoint Security Agent

The iVolve MSS agent is a multi-platform component that runs on the endpoints to be monitored from wide range of Windows/Solaris/Unix/Oracle etc. It provides prevention, detection, and response capabilities.

Deployment Options

The MSS solution can be deployed and managed with different available leading orchestrators in the industry like docker, ansible, puppet, kubernetes.

MSS Indexer

It is a highly scalable, full-text search & analytics engine. It also indexes & stores alerts generated by the monitoring server & provides nearly real-time data search & analytics capabilities.

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