Image Management Service

Image Management Service (IMS)

Create and manage system images with ease.

Image Management Service (IMS) is a powerful and important tool, especially for the users who prefer to use system images other than the predefined system images. You can create a system disk image or data disk image from a disk or an external image file. You can also create a full-ECS image from an ECS with data disks or a backup of an ECS.


Easier to Manage

IMS allows you to create Virtual Machines using publicly available image or to bring in your own private/external image file and deploy services in batches.


Using a reinforced security system, IMS ensures that the images are stored securely and are available across every region.

Trouble-free Imports

Private images can be easily imported and used for creating servers, simplifying service migration.


The images can be managed through the management console or the APIs.


Image Creation & Management

IMS enables you to create private images from a server or external image file. Private images can be easily modified and deleted, even be shared with other tenants.

Server Creation

An image, either public or private, can be used to create servers in batches.

Operating System

Popular Operating Systems are already included, such as Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian.

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