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QCloud has implemented international information security certifications controls to meet compliances.

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Why QCloud

We are your business partner who understands the whole picture.

Why QCloud?

QCloud is a suite of cloud services which includes use of cloud virtual servers, dedicated server, blueprints, network, and application services in a multi-tenant service data center environment.

QCloud provides the infrastructure including space and power, compute resources, storage resources, virtualization operating system, networking resources and use of the Control portal and API for provisioning and management.

Enterprise Level Security

Multi-layer protection for systems & data.

High Performance

Optimized throughout the stack for speed.

Disaster Recovery

Option to build DR in different region

High Availablity

Superior uptime with load balancing & redundancy


Outstanding Support

Our support team is available 24x7

Managed Services

Experts to monitor and manage your infrastructure 24x7

Explore More

Elastic Volume Service

High-Performance Solid-State Drive (SSD) block storage designed for intensive workloads.

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Elastic Compute Server – HP1

ECS – High Performance 1 will provide you on-the-fly scalability for your business applications through a simple interface.

Learn more

Image Management Service

Create and manage system images with ease.

Learn more


Automatically adjust computing resources to match your business needs.

Learn more

Kubernetes Cluster Service

A high-performance, high-reliability service for enterprises to manage containerized applications.

Learn more

Elastic Volume Service

High-Performance Solid-State Drive (SSD) block storage designed for intensive workloads.

Learn more

Volume Backup Service

Take backup of your storage securely and protect your data from loss.

Learn more

Object Storage Service

Object Storage Service (OSS) is a stable, secure, efficient, and easy-to-use cloud storage service.

Learn more

Virtual Private Cloud

Designed to logically isolate and secure your cloud-based infrastructure, giving you the ability to manage it just as your on-premises network.

Learn more

Elastic IP

Your static IP address designed for a dynamic cloud computing.

Learn more

Elastic Load-Balancer

Automatically distributes incoming traffic across multiple servers to balance the workload, increasing the service capabilities and fault tolerance of your applications.

Learn more

Virtual Private Network

Connect with QCloud cloud using an enterprise grade secure Virtual Private Network.

Learn more

Microsoft SQL Server

An intelligent, relational database service which you can set up, operate, and scale with few clicks.

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Enterprise-ready, fully managed community MySQL.

Learn more


Oracle database setup and operation easier than ever.

Learn more


Use the huge capabilities of SAP HANA in your cloud.

Learn more


The world’s most advanced open source relational database.

Learn more


Accelerate development, adverse data sets, and adapt quickly to change with a proven application data platform built around the database.

Learn more


Your first line of enterprise grade defense.

Learn more

Web Application Firewall

Designed to keep your website and applications secure.

Learn more


Do you know the value of your data on the Dark Web? Encrypt your data NOW with QCloud Encryption Services for safety and security.

Learn more

End-Point Protection

QCloud offers one of the most advanced and complete endpoint security platforms available on the planet to be installed on your instances.

Learn more

Optimize Post Migration

We will track utilization & KPIs, right-size instances, and deploy auto-scaling to ensure high availability once you have been migrated.

Guaranteed Service Availability

Our expert ensures the availability of cloud-based infrastructure and services.

Expertise & Insight

To achieve enterprise grade RPO/RTO, QCloud provides option to establish BCDR practice by using application and database built-in replication features.

Improved Security

Public clouds have an advanced level of security than the on-premise infrastructure according to many reports. QCloud makes sure that you are provided with complete security.


QCloud offers you a highly scalable public cloud platform that would help you in taking your business to the next level with complete planning as it will allow you to add or remove resources.

Near-zero Downtime and Data loss

Rapidly recover from outages and ransomware attacks with automated DR failover/failback orchestration.

Disaster Recovery for Databases

To achieve enterprise grade RPO/RTO, QCloud provides an option to establish BCDR practice by using application and database built-in replication features.

Offsite Disaster Recovery

QCloud offers offsite Disaster Recovery to bring your services and data online at a remote data center in the event of a disaster situation.

High Availability

QCloud can design & implement a solution that provides real time redundancy & fail-over of critical services. Adding Site Resiliency to the solution can provide uptime in the case of ISP, power or application failure.

Explore Solutions

Private Cloud

Get the agility of Cloud with QCloud Private Cloud, purpose built for your requirements..

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Protect data on cloud using cloud backup Services from QCloud.

Disaster Recovery Service

Achieve enterprise grade business continuity by using QCloud cost-effective DR as a Service.

Explore All Solutions

QCloud has thousand solutions for your bsuiness, no matter you are a individual or a big team.

QCloud's Global Infrasturcture

Data Center Regions

Number of Regions : 02

Service-Level Agreement

QCloud guarantees an SLA of 99.99% of its services.

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