Auto Scaling


Automatically adjust computing resources to match your business needs.

Auto-scaling is a feature which automatically increases or decreases the ECS resources based on need. When configured and managed properly, autoscaling can ensure that your workload gets the exact resources it requires at any given time. You pay only for the server resources you need, when you need them.


Automated Adjustments

Dynamic adjustments based on scheduled, periodic, or alarm-triggered Auto Scaling policies automatically create and bind new instances to load balancing listeners.

High Availability

Automatic instance status checks in Auto Scaling groups with immediate replacement of faulty instances ensure service availability.

Fault Tolerance

Automated detection of unhealthy servers resulting in better fault tolerance. The unhealthy server is replaced by a healthy server to ensure that users do not have to compromise on performance.

Low Cost

Pay-per-use model for ECS resources offers cost effectiveness and flexibility. Usage-based charging ensures optimized costs and charging only for the ECS resources that were used.


Auto Scaling

Can automatically adjust computing resources periodically or dynamically, to ensure service availability.

Automatic Load Balancing

Automatically binds new instances to load balancing listeners.

Auto Instance Adjustment

Automatically replaces unhealthy instances to ensure service availability.

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