Do you know the value of your data on the Dark Web? Encrypt your data NOW with QCloud Encryption Services for safety and security.

QCloud provides its customer the data encryption service. It covers Key Management Service (KMS) and HSM with monthly and yearly subscription models.


Regulatory Compliance

With QCloud’s Encryption Service, keys and random numbers are generated by the third-party validated HSMs. It is compliant with local and international laws and regulations.


QCloud's Encryption Service provides KPS that enables you to create or import key pairs on the management console when logging in to your purchased Elastic Cloud Server (ECS).

Easy Management

Encryption may sound complicated but QCloud provides easier encryption controls to ensure that businesses can easily secure their data without any complications.

Easy Integration

QCloud’s Encryption Service provides KMS, integrated with many of the QCloud Cloud’s extensive services including Object Storage Service (OBS), Elastic Volume Service (EVS), Image Management Service (IMS), and more.


Key Management Service

QCloud Encryption provides Key Management Service (KMS) using a multi-tenant HSMs, an offering that is compatible and integrates with many of QCloud Cloud wide-ranging services including OSS, EVS and more. APIs are also supported, so you can call APIs to integrate KMS with your applications to encrypt data.

Dedicated HSM

QCloud provides dedicated HSM which guarantees high-performance encryption to meet your stringent security requirements using different encryption protocols.

Keypair Service

KPS is designed for login scenarios that have stringent security requirements. When purchasing an ECS, you can set the login mode to key-pair login. The key pair can be reset or replaced as necessary.

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